We’ve all had that frustration of wondering where our resume and cover letter went after submitting it a week ago. But all we hear is silence from our phones and email and not even a considerate rejection letter.

How many times have you heard or even said “I send out my resume all over and I haven’t heard back from anyone?” It feels like your just shooting them out to space and hoping that your resume is going to land you that one interview. Solely relying on your resume to get you the interview? Well, that in itself is the problem lies.

Yes, your resume and cover letter is to capture hiring managers attention but do you know how many resumes they have to go through a day? On average, there are 100 resumes per job opening and employers have a short turn around time to hire the person that “fits” the best. This is just not on paper folks, it’s also how you conduct yourself during the interview but that is another subject at another time.

This week we are kicking off “13 Days of Effective Ways to Get an Interview.” Its a series of helpful tips and recommendations that you can start utilizing in your job search to improve your strategies. So tune in for the next couple of weeks and find out new ways to get the interview!