I would like state today as a Thankful Thursday moment because of what I am about to share with you.

If you are not aware, we have three major centers and our newest location in the heart of Downtown San Diego. With this new establishment, there are some bumps in the road while we iron out new processes and cleverly find creative strategies to address the needs of our clients.

Most of the time when staff is assisting a client, its either for short term goals (attaching a resume to an email) or wanting to know when our next workshop will be. These tiny accomplishments lead up to bigger things but we, as staff, rarely get to hear the end results. We always start at the beginning of your story, but never are there at the end. Its like never finishing a really good book and wondering “What happened?”

A client went to the San Diego Downtown Library to attend some workshop and ask for assistance with his resume and within the few weeks navigating through the job-readiness jungle, he received a job offer! We would of never have known this if he hadn’t graciously hand delivered this note to the staff:

 Thank you note
Thank you note

But once in a while, we do get to read to the end of the book and smile as we bid farewell to you, our main character. We felt your pain as you journeyed through trials and tribulations, we stayed with you during your darkest hours and celebrated your triumphed ending.

These token of thanks is a great reminder of why we enjoy what we do…because of you. Thank you.