We just published a blog about a New York senator trying to live off minimum wage and found it difficult if not humbling to experience the hardships that workers on minimum wage experience.

Well, San Diego has decided to join this trend to prove a point that minimum wage needs to be increased. According to the news article here (http://www.sandiego6.com/news/local/Living-off-minimum-wage-for-one-week-273854591.html)

“San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria challenged himself, along with other San Diego residents, to try and survive off the bare minimum. Gloria started the “Live the Wage Challenge” on Wednesday for one week to convey how difficult it is to live off the current minimum wage pay rate.”

That’s great that there are people out there experience the hardships that many American’s, especially San Diegan’s are experiencing but what happens afterwards?

Not that I am against these causes, its great that they are being brought to the forefront of the American conscience but at what point does these challenges start making a difference than a thing that people do for entertainment purposes. Awareness is one factor in making a challenge successful, the other is impact. If there was no impact or change concluded from the challenge than what was the purpose of the challenge?

As San Diegians partake in the “Living the Wage Challenge”, I hope they will take their experiences, turn them into learning opportunities and take their newfound knowledge and take action in creating positive change.