“To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to express my extreme gratitude for the commitment the KRA San Diego staff demonstrated during my job search. I had the pleasure of being assigned to Zuri Williams as my Career Agent. From my day one Zuri’s kind and caring personality allowed me to easily open up to her and express my exact career goals. She was able to successfully understand my interests and present several job opportunities. She also called and emailed me countless times to receive updates on my job search and offer any assistance. I also had the pleasure of working with Terrance Bowens and James Caraballo. Terrance graciously took the time to edit and completely revise my resume. On a different occasion, James committed almost two hours to assisting me in preparing for an in depth second interview in which I had to prepare written material and practice role playing scenarios. James edited all my material and successfully prepared me to answer the in depth questions. Terrance and James’ willingness to assist me without hesitation is a prime example of the dedication the KRA staff have to their clients.

After only a month of searching I was able to find employment a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families as a Refugee Employment Specialist. I am overjoyed by this opportunity as it matches my interests and career goals. This opportunity would not have presented itself without the help of Zuri nor would I have been as successfully prepared to interview without James and Terrance. Their commitment to helping me find an employment displays their passion, commitment and love for their work. They are truly an asset to the KRA staff and to the San Diego community. I am positive that any job seeker lucky enough to work with them will have a wonderful outcome. So to Zuri, Terrance and James thank you for all you have done for me and please continue creating life opportunities for those in need.



What’s not mentioned in this letter is HOW she got the job which is apart of this amazing story. Zuri Williams had created a LinkedIn profile and completed it with her photo, contact info and details about her passion for helping others. That caught the eye of the non-profit organization and they contacted her via LinkedIn and encouraged her to apply for the position since they found her to be a good fit. As honored as she was, she kindly turned the position down stating

‘When I received the request to apply, I replied that I have my dream job, and asked if I could please forward it to a qualified client. I did.; She got it “

Because of her proactive approach with her clients and using Social Media as a networking opportunity, Zuri was able to referred her  Sara to the position because she thought she would be a qualified candidate.

From businessnewsdaily.com

…and that folks is how networking works.