If a job is worth applying for, it is a good idea to save copies of ALL job application materials, including:

  • Job Application
  • Résumé
  • Cover Letter
  • Salary Expectation or Salary History
  • Personal Commercial Script
  • Company Information
  • Job Posting/Job Description, etc.

Here’s why:

A member of the Center shared he had applied for a job and six months later he received a phone call from the employer to schedule a job interview. He scheduled the job interview but by then, he could not remember what company he applied too and had no information about the job. Not wanting to pass up the job opportunity, he went to the job interview anyway without any knowledge of what he was going into.

He was escorted to the interview room and introduced to the panel. Then came the first question,

“What do you know about our company?”

His heart sank down to his feet realizing any hope of being considered for the job had been dashed.


It is smart to organize all materials relevant to job applications and to save them indefinitely. If you don’t get interviewed or hired the first time around, there may be more other opportunities down the road and that information can be vital to your success.

 Written by Samuel Garcia, KRA Workshop Facilitator