A fellow blog follower asked us a question:

“Does having a Yahoo account or Hotmail account as a professional e-mail contact considered unprofessional or out of date? We had a discussion about this in one of the classes yesterday. I was told that a G-mail or Google account is the best. I never heard about this as an issue. Your thoughts?”

Our blogging team came together to discuss their thoughts on which email would be preferred as a professional email contact and here is what they had to say:

 Joni Bumpas: Career Agent Team Lead

This is the first that I have actually heard of this, however, anytime I have assisted a customer who is using either one of those emails, the systems seem very antiquated, and not user friendly, and I always encourage them to switch to a more updated email host, such as Gmail/Google.

 Maylynne Rayos: Training Account Coordinator

I have definitely heard this as well. It is my experience that having a yahoo or hotmail account really does portray that you are not up to date with technology, as Gmail (and the Google server) has more functions than just email.

Terrance J. Bowens: Workshop Facilitator & Trainer

I’ve heard this too. It turns out that sometimes using older an email host can date you. This is unfortunate but the reality is that with the amount of applicants companies get, they will use things to disqualify you early in the process. Sadly, age or any inferences that suggest maturity, can be one of these factors. #BadforBusiness

 I don’t know that having Google accounts exhibit more professionalism that any of the others but having an AOL or Hotmail(now Outlook) or Yahoo! account can make you seem behind the times. With all the technology, like Google calendar and cloud systems, it could give the impression that the candidate hasn’t kept up with this.

Samuel Garcia: Workshop Facilitator

 Honestly, that’s news to me. I have not heard of such a distinction as of yet. To the best of my knowledge, both Microsoft and Yahoo are strong companies and technologically effective.

 The only issue I can thing of is whether they were not able to stay current with technological standards.

 Microsoft has 3 email services:

  1. @Hotmail
  2. @Live
  3. @Outlook

I had an @live account about a year ago but LinkedIn would not accept it so I went to @gmail. LinkedIn now accepts @live and I use it regularly.

  1.  Yahoo has 3 email services:
  2. @Yahoo
  3. @Ymail
  4. @Rocketmail

I haven’t used my Yahoo accounts for some time because Google syncs my @workforce Outlook calendar nicely into my iPhone calendar.

 Sometimes the source of rumors cannot be identified. What I usually try to do is ask the person where they got such information and to define, by examples, why Yahoo and Hotmail might be considered outdated or unprofessional. If they can’t back it up, I would suspect they are not credible.  But if they do, please let me know.

Hotmail is still accepting new accounts as is Yahoo. I would imagine they are concerned about being relevant in a highly competitive technological environment. They are no slouches. However, as long as the message is being delivered, who really cares if its by mail carrier,  FedEx or pony express. Ultimately, I think the résumé and cover letter will do the real talking rather than the email provider, although there is a whole lot of truth to the saying, “The media IS the message”.

 If anyone has any further thoughts, perhaps I’m missing something here, I would appreciate you sharing.

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