Ever wonder “Where’s the Salary?” on a position you have been looking at on a job description?

One member asked that very question below:

The job search has not been as successful as I had envisioned. It seems they aren’t as eager as I am to fill the positions.  My strongest opportunity so far has been from a former employer, however after the phone interview I am still waiting for them to make it through other applicants. There anticipated time line for filling the job is March.

Most of the jobs I apply for have no salary listed. Virtually all of them ask what I would expect to be paid. Is there a way to look up the salary paid to the last person in that job? I feel like maybe I am too far from what they have budgeted for the position (too high or too low) I have been using Glassdoor but the ranges are wide and sometimes not listed.

Thanks for you help,

We asked our trusted Career Agents and Workshop Facilitators for advice and this si what they have to offer:

Dear B,

Have you tried going to www.edd.ca.gov and checking under Labor Market Info? Select Occupations, type in the job title, and the city… it will give you a range of reported incomes for the area for the quarter. When asked the question in an interview give them the range. This is where you have to determine if you think you qualify for the top 5th of highest paid. It will show them that you know what you are talking about and that you are negotiable.


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