For 15 years, Mike Gilkerson, an accomplished Architect, designed Data Center facilities for Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Paramount, et al.   When the company he worked for closed down, he  moved on to another firm, which unfortunately was financially unstable.  Substantial pay cuts motivated Mike to move on again.

Four years later, due to the recession, he was un-/under-employed for 2 years—before enrolling with the San Diego Metro Region American Job Center,  KRA-operated for the San Diego Workforce Partnership.  Mike found the job-prep workshops enlightening, but, at 63, realized his lack of knowledge and skills with the “new-and-now” design technology was going to impede his success in a highly competitive job market.

With ongoing advice and support from Career Agent Alita Hetland, Mike received a grant to train with the Virtual Design & Construction Institute for certification in Autodesk Revit.  But, even before completing the course, he pursued a job interview, and received an offer for an Architect/Project Manager position!

Recently, Mike reported, “I have been employed for 6 months now, and can honestly say this is the direct result of guidance and training I received from the Job Center and Alita.  I’m very grateful that such centers exist to help one get a second chance in life.”