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August 25, 2014

TypeofEmployeeYou’re SUPER awesome at your job, but have you ever wondered what your boss REALLY thinks of you as an employee?

Of course you have!! Who hasn’t?

Take this quiz to find out what type of employee you are at work!

1. At work, you’re typically:

(a) Serious and intense about getting things done.

(b) Excited to work on projects with your team.

(c) Unhappy and unmotivated.

2. Your mantra is:

(a) Time is money!

(b) Be good, do good.

(c) I’ll do it myself.

3. When the boss praises your work, you:

(a) Brush it off and move on to the next project.

(b) Give credit to your team.

(c) Praise? You never get credit for your hard work.

4. Your co-workers:

(a) Look up to you.

(b) Go to you for help and support.

(c) Generally don’t work with you unless it’s absolutely necessary.


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