Employer Wednesday

MTS Bus Operators

with San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)

On November 18th, we hosted another one of our #EmployerWednesday events at the Central Downtown Library location with 20 interested candidates wanting to learn about MTS and get the opportunity to meet with the MTS Talent Acquisition Specialist Kate Van Schyndle.

The first hour of the session, Kate gave an overview of the company culture and company expectations as a new hire. The job she focused throughout the session was the Bus Operator position.  An important aspect of the session was learning about the extensive 8-10 weeks of training for the Bus Operator Position which is a combination of hands on driving practice and classroom sessions.

The basic overview of Bus Operator training:

checkmark17f22569d-09f0-4e7f-8405-d5074adb6d7boriginalFirst  3 days:

  • Brief intro into training
  • Class room study and testing at DMV for Commercial Permit
  • Outfitting for uniforms

checkmark17f22569d-09f0-4e7f-8405-d5074adb6d7boriginalWeek 1 and week 2: Basic Bus Driving

  • Classes
  • Left and Right Turns
  • Starting and Stopping
  • Driving in Traffic

checkmark17f22569d-09f0-4e7f-8405-d5074adb6d7boriginalWeek 3: Advanced Bus Driving

  • Classes
  • Driving on Freeways
  • Bus Stops
  • Driving in challenging situations (Hills, Railroad crossings, Narrow Streets)

checkmark17f22569d-09f0-4e7f-8405-d5074adb6d7boriginalWeeks 4 and 5: Route Training

  • Drive all bus routs while practicing driving skills
  • Night driving
  • Early call times

checkmark17f22569d-09f0-4e7f-8405-d5074adb6d7boriginalFinal weeks: Licensing Test

  • Pre-Trip test +
  • Skills test +
  • Road Test =
  • You are LICENSED!

checkmark17f22569d-09f0-4e7f-8405-d5074adb6d7boriginalField Training:

  • Drive in actual service with a seasoned Operator
  • Real life situations
  • Real life call times
  • Deal with the public

This is a snapshot of the information that Kate shared with the candidates who were interested in the Bus Operator position. It was recommended that if you have family or any other types of obligations to assess if this position would be a good fit because the positions is very time intensive with the amount of training the employee would need to go through.

The second hour of the session, candidates who were interested in applying for the position stayed to take a video assessment test. During that time, I got to sit down with Kate with a one-on-one Q&A Interview on Periscope. You can read about that interview on our Employer Wednesday Recap Part 2.

Learn more about San Diego MTS and check out their current job opportunities by going to their website.