Employer Wednesday Recap part 2:

Q&A with MTS

In our blog “Employer Wednesday Recap 1: Information Session with MTS“, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Kate Van Schyndle hosted a 2 hour information hiring session on the job opportunities at MTS and what a candidate can expect during the hiring process.

After the session, I got to sit down with Kate to conduct a one-on-one Q&A on Periscope to ask her some questions regarding her position, insights about the career opportunities with MTS and answer any questions that viewers had on Periscope.

During our interview I got to learn that for the Bus Operator position there was at least 148 candidates who applied.

“Out of those 148 candidates, only 10 people will be moving on into the training class. It’s very competitive.” 

For a candidate to stand out, its not even about their application but their can-do attitude and their customer services skills. Since Kate gets to meet with candidates in person prior to them applying for the positions, she is looking for candidates who know about the position and why they want to be in the position they are applying for.

“There’s nothing worse than getting into an interview and saying ‘Hey tell me about why your are interested in this position’ and not having an answer for it.”

As you watch the video, Kate provides detailed information for interested candidates to know when it comes to applying for MTS.

If you go to you can check out all their current openings and learn more about the benefits working at MTS.