Employer Wednesday Recap Part 2:

Q&A with UC San Diego Talent Outreach Specialist, Millicent Scott

After the UC San Diego information session on How to apply for UC San Diego, I got a chance to sit down one-on-one with Talent Outreach Specialist, Millicent Scott who works in the Central HR Department.

I asked her questions regarding her role in finding qualified candidates for the job opportunities at UC San Diego, what applicants can do when applying and how you can use a cover letter to showcase yourself.

“When you apply for UC San Diego, we look for candidates who are qualified. Qualified meaning they have the skills and qualifications that the departments are looking for.”

After each information session, she dedicates some time to meet and review the candidates resumes providing suggestions on what they can do to improve their resume. One thing is advises is not to have a one page resume.

“If you any length of experience and skills, a one page resume is not enough.”

Well, you heard it here folks! A one page resume is not enough but a 3 page resume may be too much.

Check our Recruitment Calendars to attend the next UC San Diego information session and meet with Millicent to ask any questions or get your resume reviewed.

If you’re interested in applying for UC San Diego, you can apply here on their UCSD JOBS WEBSITE.