Written by Santiago Leon

Positivity is a huge factor in securing your next great opportunity but how can we keep a positive frame of mind when our job search seems to go on and on and on. The potential of sliding into a rut or spiraling into depression grows as time goes by. It is understandable when it feels like nothing seems to be going your way.

This black and white view of the job search progress can leave you feeling blue. What is the alternative option? How about setting up a series of smaller job search oriented goals. These minor victories can be exactly what is needed to maintain one’s self confidence and contribute to the major goal of secure a position that  right for you.

What does a minor goal look like and how can you incorporate it into your job search strategies. I’ll give you a few examples of what you can do:


blog (2)

I will research 5 new companies to see if they have a positive environment, reputation, and are stable

Tuesday: blog (3)

I will to connect with 2 people who work in those companies and/or join one group that is associated with the company on LinkedIn.

Wednesday: write a resume and cover letter red pen and coffee

I will find out a decision maker that works in that company and write a cover letter + resume directed towards that person. Make sure that the cover letter states that you are looking to set up an informational interview  and the day you are planning on following up.

Thursday: blog (4)

I will follow up with the decision makers I reached out towards last week and setup informational interviews with them.

Friday:blog (5)

I will go to a professional networking event and talk to 3 new people.

These examples are important and create something that works for you. Accomplishing 70% or more of these types of task on a weekly basis, it will not only increase your chances of securing your next position but can also give you the motivation boast that you need to stay positive and keep driving on.

What are some other ideas that you can think of to help stay motivated and positive during a job search?