Find a job?!

Written by Santiago Leon, Workshop Facilitator and Trainer

Last week, I had a participant tell me after one of my workshops, that she has a friend who is well connected in the same field that she works in. I asked  if she had already reached out for  job searching support. Her  reply  was:

” Well, if she wanted to help me, she would have done so by now. I guess I am going to have to swallow my pride and go talk to her about it.”

This statement inspired me to write this post, hopefully we shake this thought from the minds of jobseekers. There are two notions that need to be addressed: The first is the belief that friends, family, and colleagues will automatically know that we  want and need their help. The second notion is that that asking for help requires us to swallow our pride.

The First Notion:

“Believing our friends, family, and colleagues will automatically know that we need their help”

We can not assume that our contacts will act on their own to help us because how can they lend a hand, if they do not even know we want their help? We must activate and empower our networks with the information they need to assist us effectively. Reach out and let them know that we are on the lookout for new opportunities in a specific field, with in a certain location and possible a salary north of $$$$$ a year.  It can sound something like this:

“Hi Jim, how are things going……… great to hear. I don’t know if you heard, but right now I am in the process of looking for a new opportunity in the business development field. If you happen hear of position or know anybody hires for those types of roles, please let me know. I am look for something that pays around 55K + and within San Diego County. Its fine If you cant think of anything right now , would you mind if I follow in a few weeks in case something comes up?

By trying something similar to this, our contacts will become aware that we would appreciate their help and what to look out for. It also prevents unintentionally snubbing a contact by rejecting an opportunity they thought would be great for us but was not something we are looking for.

The Second Notion:

“Asking for help requires us to swallow our pride.”

Asking for help is sign of maturity, not an indicator of weakness. It allows us  to tap into the resources that we’re already connected to. It can also get us back to work sooner. I have been told by some of my participants, that it feels like they are taking advantage of others, or that they are going to be bothering people, or that they will be looking desperate.

To address these concerns, I suggest reaching to out to our contacts with the intent on initially finding if  . This can help quell most negative feelings and will be a great boost in our own self esteem. If there isn’t anything we can currently do, we can still ask for help, with the intent returning the favor in the future.

When conducting a job search, it is important to utilize as many resources as possible to help us secure gainful employment. What other ideas, or beliefs make us our own worst enemy, when it comes to seeking employment?