Part 3 of our Warming Up Your Cold Calls series find out:

Is there a difference between asking for a job vs. an opportunity?


How can using certain terminology in your cold call effect your outcomes?

You learned that cold calling is when you contact a business directly to ask if they have any jobs available. With your script ready in hand and having enough cold calling practice you get to work making those calls.

This is the script you’ve been using:

Hello,  my name is ________. I am calling because I’m hoping to find out more about what jobs that might be available at _______________. Can you please tell me the name of your HR manager?  I’d like to speak to them please.  Thank you.

This is  a good script, however what makes this script limiting? It’s what you’re asking for, a job. When you are asking for a job, that’s what you are exactly asking for…a position within the company in where they will pay you a certain amount for the work you produce. It’s pretty limiting and the answer you will receive is either a “Yes, we have jobs” or “No, we do not currently have any openings at this moment. Please check again in the near future.” It’s a 50% chance of landing an opportunity.

Let’s see what happens when you change the verbiage around

Good morning, (use their name if you know it). My name is _________. I’m calling to ask about any opportunities to get involved at _________.  I’ve got a lot of experience working in _______ and ________. May I speak to someone in the HR department to find out what kind of opportunities are available at company ?

When asking for opportunities you create more options to get involved with the company. Opportunities can be a plethora of things like volunteering, attending an company hosted event, donating, being apart of external committees what support the company. Though it may not be a job at the moment, use these kind of opportunities to network, learn more about the company culture and build your reputation and credibility among the staff there so when a job opens up, you can be top of mind.