insanity: doing the same thing over and over again an expecting the same results albert einstein
Written by Santiago Leon


At the career center, my colleagues and I come across various types of job seekers who are at different stages in the job search process. Some are prepared and ready to actively take on their job search. They know what they want, where to look, and how to get there. On the other spectrum, there are job seekers who are a trying to find a new direction, a bit frustrated that they are  unemployed, but open to learn.

These two types of job seekers will have ups and downs, yet they find what they are looking for because they stay positive throughout the process and willing to take the advice and strategies that are offered at the career centers. However, there is another type of job seeker that comes in and are the hardest to work with . The ones that are unwilling to learn new job search strategies and implement new practices.  They are the practitioners of insanity whom do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

How do you NOT become this person? Here are some tips that can help you avoid turning into the “Insane Jobseeker”:

Don’t use the same resume twice.

It is imperative to tailor your resume for every job posting. It will help you get pass the Applicant Tracking Systems that are looking for keywords that are found in the job descriptions. It will also allow you to explain to the reviewer why you are well qualified for the company’s needs.

Recognize that you may be in a rut.

If you have been using the same job search website or group of websites for an extended period of time 2months or more) without getting a solid job lead or interview, than its time to try something new. Look into niche job boards, though they may be smaller, the postings there will likely be the type of opportunities you can capitalize on.

Join a new group or association oriented around your industry or profession.

You may be a great candidate with a great resume but developing a rapport with people can give you the advantage you need to get in front of a decision maker’s desk. At the very least it gets you out of the house and gives you the opportunity to meet new people.

Be open to advice.

Even if you have tried something similar to what a person is saying, be open to trying something new. If it is going to a Resume Strategy Workshop or listening to a job search podcast like “Searching In San Diego,” just try it. You may learn something of value that you can use.

By following these tips, you can avoid becoming an “Insane Jobseeker” and decrease your time as any type of jobseeker. What are your thoughts on how to maintain your sanity during a job search?