passion gets you started, hope keeps you going, persistence gets it done

Written by Santiago Leon
Workshop Facilitator and Trainer at KRA Corporation San Diego Metro Region Career Center

In the workforce development field we meet a lot of amazing people who would be an asset to any organization that they work for. It is tough when to see talented well qualified people struggle through the ups and downs of the job search. But when they final secure that hard won position, we celebrate in their victory and that’s why I wanted to share this particular case with you.


is what was written on the subject line on my work email. One of the participants that I had been working with for several months sent me a message telling me she had finally landed a job that is better than where she was currently working. I could not have been prouder. Her determinations and positive out look is what helped her the most. She did not settle, or resign herself to stay in place she knew she that did not offer her the growth she wanted in her career. She truly put the ” Preparation + Persistence + Hope = Payoff” motto to the test. This is what she did:


  • She utilized the resources at the career center
  • She attended a number of job search readiness workshops


  • She applied the teachings she learned in the workshops to practice
  • She networked and was able to communicate her value


  • Her road to victory took eight interviews and several months to finally draw to its conclusion. Instead of viewing the setbacks as failures, she learned from them and applied it to her next series of interview.
  • Through it all she had faith in herself and a resolve to find a position that met her needs both emotionally and financially.

She did everything thing she could to ensure that her work would end in success. The message I hope you get from this is that your success is only one more NO away from your big YES. Her big win came after a lot of hard work because now she has a position she can be excited about.

Jobseekers, use the resources around you, learn how to look for work, connect with others and then you can find yourself writing or calling those closest to you saying “FINALLY!!!”