who wants ice cream

If you downloaded the mobile app on your phone, you would’ve seen the notification that another podcast episode has gone live! If not, you need to download the mobile app….NOW. Go ahead…email this to your phone I have time…

This podcast is the perfect timing too with this San Diego heat wave because I had the honor to meet and interview a local San Diego Business, Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream

Barely hitting its 2 year mark, the mom and pop shop has expanded to become the go to Ice Cream parlor. With expansion comes job opportunities and with running a small business, there are different ways to hire for employees. I sit down with Trang Hammond, co-owner of Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream and talk shop, how the parlor got started and what they look for when hiring employees to run their stores.

Another reason why I interviewed Trang was not because of their amazing ice cream flavors (but uou have to try the Banana macadamia nut!), it was their story. It’s not everyday someone decides to leave a 9-5 job to open an ice cream parlor but that’s what the Hammond’s did…together. Why did they do it? Find out in their episode below!

Now who has a craving for ice cream?