Kitchens for Good (KFG) started out with a simple idea of food waste and hunger.

Sitting down with Director and Co-found Aviva Pasley, I get an exclusive behind the scenes look at that Kitchens for Good has to offer and how it has benefited the San Diego community.

Kitchens for Good is paving a new way in addressing hunger relief like never before. From their program, Project Reclaim to starting their own product line, Kitchens for Good addresses the immediate needs combating hunger, eliminating food waste, and providing skills training through a one of a kind model that creates a self-sufficient and long lasting impact on the community.

“No matter how many meals we prepared, even if we prepared a thousand meals a day, we were never going to solve hunger in San Diego, with meals.

People that are waiting for food lines they dont want food they want jobsthat they can have the means and self-sufficient and economic opportunity to be able to reach their full potential.”

Learn more about Kitchens for Good and their programs by visiting their website:

The deadline to apply for the next cohort is August 23rd and the class will start on September 21st.

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