By Santiago Leon

I attended the monthly Employer Panel at the South Metro Region Career Center recently and noticed a common trend amongst the participants. The panel of employers are there to share with the attendees about the hiring process from the employer’s point of view. At the end of the session, attendees have the rare and much valued opportunity to ask the employers questions directly.  Each person has a chance to make a first and lasting impression by marketing themselves directly to the companies that are present.

Unfortuately, when time came for “Tell The Employer Why They Should Hire You” portion, many of them, in a lack of a better description, bombed. It was not that they stuttered, rambled or were too quite that left a bad impression, it was what they said. Saying statements like “I just want a job”, “I have kids” or complaining that “no one is giving me a chance” is not the way to win over an employer nor does it give them a reason to want to hire the person.

As job seekers, we need to avoid “guilting” an employer into hiring us. It is ineffective and wastes a valuable opportunity to win the decision maker over.  Your first impression makes a big difference. Instead of sharing your woes, wow them with the value you bring, the accomplishments you have done, and the scope of responsibility you have handled. If you need help learning how to do this, taking a workshop at the local career center can be very helpful. Don’t guilt them, but guide them to hiring you.