in 3 easy steps

**Note: this was also a Facebook Live recording too!**

Before jumping in and answering “What is your personal commercial?” let’s step back and first talk about what is a personal commercial and why you need one!

The personal commercial or also known as a pitch, the 30 second commercial, the first verbal impression…the list goes on is a way to quickly communicate the persons values, abilities, and skills to an engaged audience which can be an employer, networking event,  professional convention. Every personal commercial will be slightly different depending on whom you are speaking to and what information you mutually benefit from.

Other than your stellar personality, a personal commercial is one of the best way to hold your audiences attention. The last thing you want to do is waste their time.

In this podcast, Santiago and I go over the 3 step process award winning personal commercial that you can use anywhere.

The “I am, I have, I can” format is a sure way to get the conversation going:

  • Step 1:  I have…(your skills)
  • Step 2: I can…(personal characteristics)
  • Step 3: I am…(talk about your qualifications)

Here’s an example of how it sounds put all together:

I HAVE a high school diploma plus 1 year of college in business classes. I CAN operate MS Office proficiently and learning C++. I CAN code HTML and design websites that are mobile responsive. I AM accurate, great with details and well organize; I am a good team play, I am friendly and have a positive disposition.

Now this is just an example of how you can use the 3 Step process. However add your own personality and flavor into this format. Make your personal commercial sound causal and avoid sounding scripted or robotic. The best way to test it out with people that you know! See what they say or if they can even pick up on what you are doing. Than, take it out on the road.

Do you know the best place to test out your personal commercial? Find out where in the podcast!

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