When you think of “superpowers” what do you think of? The ability to fly? Super speed? Ultimate strength?

Superpowers aren’t exclusive to DC or Marvel superheroes. Batman and Robin may have not been thrown in to some toxic sludge or been bit by a special spider but they have motivation and use their strengths to make it their crime fighting superpower. We can be like the dynamic duo. You, yes you, have superpowers too! Gasp!

holy smokes batman

Your motivated and driven, so what talents and abilities do you posses that can help you stand out in the job market and achieve your goal?  It’s about being self-aware and knowing what you are capable of, what you are willing to do and being honest with yourselves on areas you can improve on.

When you listen to the podcast, learn how to uncover your superpowers by answering these 3 questions:

what is your superpower

What is your superpower?

These are the skills that come naturally to you. Or also known as your “strengths.” If you are having a hard time with this one, think of what your peers have complimented you on. Are you great at organizing? How about public speaking? Do these things make you tired when you have to do them or do you thrive on them and gain energy from doing these things?

energy zapperWhat is your energy zapper?

These are the skill that you can do, but it takes effort and deliberate attention. You do these skills because you have them but you don’t find them as rewarding or fun. For example, we’re all good at doing laundry but does is it something you enjoy doing? (If you are one of those people who love doing laundry, you are my hero.)

What is your danger zone?

Let’s face it, we can’t be great at everything and that’s okay. Superman’s danger zone is kryptonite but he continues to save the world. Superheroes have flaws, weaknesses, “danger zones” and so do you but that should not stop you from being amazing.

Acknowledge and embrace your danger zones because its areas that you can improve on. Not only that, but your danger zone may be someone’s else superpower giving you the opportunity to collaborate and work together as a team, like the Justice League, Suicide Squad, The Avengers, I think you get my point right?

DC and Marvel superheros togheter