…and gave me the confidence I need.

A program participant who is in the 3rd cohort of the Platform 2 Employment program wrote a letter to his Career Agent sharing his experiences that he also wanted to share with others who may be feeling or experiencing the same thing. Here is his letter:

“Hi Barbara,

I just wanted to send you an email about the Platform 2 Employment course I am now taking at the South Metro Career Center. It is an excellent course.

able to relate to the experience of being long-term unemployedAll the feelings and conversations that most people don’t (or can’t) have with friends and family, are able to take place in the security of the class room. Surround by others who won’t criticize or place blame allows us to open up to each other and just let it all out.

But more than the mental health and financial consulting services available, just the networking among other class members on it’s own is invaluable. Speaking and acting within a professional work environment really brings the best out of groups and individuals. It ends the feelings of isolation, and acts as a reflection for how others see us when we have lost sight of ourselves.

Then there is the added personal attention. It is beyond just “here’s how to write a resume”. But rather, it is “let’s look at YOUR resume, and review every word, until you can figure out how to write the best resume for a specific job”.

I am optimistic about the first application I will submit utilizing all the skills I have learned in just the past week and a half. And I am excited about having somewhere to go every day for the next few weeks. And… to know that by the end of the course I will have the confidence to move forward from “chronic unemployment”, to “back on a career path toward a better future”.

Okay, so it all may sound like a bunch of nice words. Because the words alone cannot express the gratitude I feel, knowing that someone out there actually cares that a 52 year old, unemployed man, still has value. So when it was mention that this course may no longer be offered here in San Diego, I am said to myself, “IT CAN’T STOP”. This course, or some version of it, must be available to older job seekers.

So if there are any minds that can be changed by my email, just as my mind has been changed by P2E, then please share this message.

With Sincere Regards


Matt, thank you for sharing your story with us. We are happy to be able to share your experience with others and giving them the hope and encouragement they need from your words. We wish you the best in your future!

Platform-2-Employment is is a five-week preparatory program for job seekers which includes skills assessments, career readiness workshops, employee assistance programs and more. Career coaches work with participants to leverage their professional experience and to develop effective job search strategies. Upon completion, P2E helps participants find open positions at local companies and offers a trial work experience.