Ernesto came to the Metro Career Center disheveled, distraught and not a clue on how to successfully look for a job. Moving from Nevada to San Diego, he was looking for a career change from the Personal Training industry, but to no avail. He could not find gainful employment other than low paying, part time jobs that were not acceptable to him as he had a young child to raise and needed full time income.

He started attending a select few workshops to help improve his job search strategies and during that time was introduced to Laura, one the Business Services Representative. He needed some individual attention regarding his job search strategies and in January of 2015 he started to meet with Laura at the South Metro Career Center at least once a week for professional and personal coaching. In addition to his participation in workshops, Ernesto worked on all of the essential things he needed in his job search tool box such as updating his resume, crafting cover letters, and working on his professional appearance and interviewing skills.

Yet it seemed like, no matter how hard Ernesto worked at it, his efforts were not paying off. He attended recruitments, went on interviews that were arranged for him – but still no job offers. Eventually, he started living out of his car. He had reached his wits end and was ready to give up but with the encouragement from Laura and his career agent, he remained tenacious in his job search.

Fast forward to May 2016, Ernesto now has a full time job (Adult OJT) as a Manufacturing Assistant at a Biotech Manufacturing Company making

“more money than he has ever made.”

He has full benefits, PTO and a promising future. The employer stated “We need more people like Ernesto!” As an added bonus, Ernesto has been doing such a great job in his new role that he has been made Team Lead and the company is helping him with college tuition reimbursement.