Is the number of job seekers interviewed by Wal-Mart at the recruitment event held at the San Diego Metro Region Career Centers.

Connecting retail professionals with employment opportunities at Wal-Mart started with a community effort to initiate a retail focused hiring event for the holiday season. Over 150 job seekers were interviewed and a significant number walked away with job offers. Wal-Mart managers were so impressed with the quality of the job seekers in attendance, they contacted their regional HR to come and check out the event. Wal-Mart Representatives expressed gratitude and delight of the event to the organizers.

After the success of the summer hiring event, Wal-Mart immediately scheduled another hiring event in for the fall. Once again, Wal-Mart’s expectations were exceeded when 147 people showed up in attendance and 143 people were interviewed by the day’s end. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from the community, Wal-Mart managers stated thatkra san diego will be our go-to for hiring events

Recently, the San Diego Workforce Partnership was one of 10 workforce development boards selected for the Retail Grant funded by the Wal-Mart Foundation. KRA San Diego hosted the Grant and Program Announcement on September 29th, 2016 and the San Diego Regional Manager of Wal-Mart Stores, Angela M Wilson, presented the $400,000.00 check for the retail grant initiative.  This grant will focus on customized trainings for incumbent workers in the retail industry.