…or we wonder if all the hard work that we do on a daily basis counts and makes a difference in people’s lives.  We do receive thanks more often then we think.

Dear Ms. Contreras,

I would like to express my gratitude for the work of your branch South Metro Career Center and to Mr. Jordan.

I spent with the branch for about a month and very grateful and impressed by support of your team. All employees of the branch were very positive to me and ready to help in everything I needed. I got excellent skills by visiting trainings, I felt very protected and disciplined with the security team, if I needed to print something employees were always ready to help. All were very polite to me and interested to help in whatever way they could. Despite my unemployment, which is a tough experience especially for foreigner, i always felt supported and respected.

I would like to say special Thank you to Mr. Jordan, my Career Agent. I came to South Metro Career Center loosing all hope to find a job after very active my own job search during almost 2 months. I am a recruitment manager myself, just moved to San Diego, but my skills were not enough for successful result. Jordan understood my situation very fast and guided me to the most effective path for finding the right job. I am so grateful for his support , advices and recommendations about my situation and search. With Jordan’s help I finally found the job as Hospitality Operations Specialist in less than a month since Mr. Jordan started to guide me. This job was exactly what I needed in terms of my work permit and previous studies. 

Ms. Contreras, please accept my gratitude to you, Mr.Jordan  and all amazing team of South Metro Career Center. I am so happy with  high quality service of your team and wish you to continue this great job on helping unemployed people when they need it the most.

Thank you!

Best regards, 

Excerpt by KRA Career Agent, Jordan:

Irina came from Russian to the United States on a student visa to attend school in upstate New York for hospitality management. She heard that “San Diego is a great place to live” and she wanted the San Diego lifestyle and sunshine, not Russian winters.

Because of her temporary work/study visa that expires early 2017 and she would either had to have an employer “sponsor” her or she would be forced to leave the U.S. Her qualifications were getting her phone and  interviews but once employers learned of her sponsorship needs, they all rejected her. It was heartbreaking to get all the rejections.

Enter CET (Center for Employment Training). Two employers from a company called True Blue came into CET and I talked to them, handed them Irina’s resume, tooted her horn to them and asked them to consider her citizenship status and sponsoring her because she was so great – and voila. She got an interview, given a job offer and started working for True Blue as the  Hospitality Operations Specialist.

During that time, Irina came to a crossroads in a career decision. On her own, she convince the San Diego State University Research Foundation to offer her a job as well – so she a choice between two employers with simultaneous offers at the same pay grade. Now she had two job offers and asked me to help her decide which one job she should go for.  All I said was,

Well, you went to school for hospitality, you moved to San Diego for the weather, San Diego’s biggest employment sector is hospitality, so, what was the question again?

So she went with True Blue. The SDSURF job was administrative in nature.

The bottom line is that Irina utilized and took advantage of the what the AJCC (American Job Center of California) had to offer. She was in the Resource Room for literally 40 days and 40 nights incessantly working towards employment, resume work, online applications, telephone calls.  This woman was on the verge of being deported, basically, down to her last month of rent, last month of eligibility in the U.S., had no money or transportation and now…she’s famous here at SMCC. Humbly and honestly, I think she did all the work.

When things were tense and she needed a laugh when almost all was lost, I joked with her that she was some Russian Spy trying to infiltrate our ranks in Department of Defense heavy San Diego. Or when I could see she was really stressed,  I would send her home for the day telling her she had done enough and needed a break. She told me she has found “beach yoga” to be great, so she is now living the hospitable, sunny San Diego lifestyle she wanted.