Every quarter at the San Diego Metro Region Career Center, the California Employment Development Department  provides workshops:

How to Create A Federal Resume and How to Apply for a Federal Job

This got me thinking…what is a Federal Job and how is it different from any other job? There has to be a reason why they have dedicated workshops specifically to Federal job searches.

I sat down with the facilitator Dennis Eley Jr., Human Resource Specialist at the Department of the Navy, and discuss what a federal job is, the pros of pursuing a federal job, as well as tips for landing one.

Dennis also included 2 more things you need to know about pursing Federal jobs:

  1. When writing your federal resume, start sentences off with “action verbs” and it’s recommended to not use nouns or pronouns.
  2. Write less of your responsibilities but add your “accomplishments” in your resume. Your accomplishments will get you the job not necessarily what you were responsible for.

Applying for a Federal Resume is not as intimidating as many think. Like any new process, it takes time to learn some of the different methods. Workshops like these, doing your research and talking to other’s who applied for Federal jobs are resources you can use to better inform yourself.

Find out when the next Federal Workshops are happening in San Diego: http://www.edd.ca.gov/jobs_and_training/Southern_Region.htm

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