While writing emails to my colleagues and wishing them a happy holidays, the topic of New Years Resolutions for 2017 came up.

“Okay, so my friends and I do this goals list every new years and we always come back to it at the end of the year and see if we met any of them. We should do it! It can be a list of big or small goals, but I’ve listed things like… Decrease my debt by 50 percent, Get a new job (never happened LOL), or things like that! I’m thinking of kicking the Starbucks habit and bringing in regular coffee to save money.”

It reminded me of the goals that I created for myself last year after reading an article about exactly that, goal setting.  It questioned the idea of goal setting and challenged the notion of how surface level our goals tend to be. We ignore the many layers of ourselves and create only tasks or to-do’s versus thinking long lifestyle goals. Instead of writing down goals that are  typical and basic (aka: Lose weight, eat healthy, etc.) lets create goals that addresses aspects of your life.

Of course, any goal that you set out to achieve have to be SMART goals! Image result for writing down goals
Once you write down your goal, provide some details on how to plan to achieve your goal.  For example, my health goal was to run a race a month and complete a 1/2 marathon by the end of the year. I created a spreadsheet and listed out all the runs I wanted to run for the year started off with a few 5ks in from Jan-March. I gradually increased my race distance to a 10k, 8 miler, 15k and so forth until I was prepared, ready and trained to take on the challenge of completing a 13.1 (which I accomplished in November!).  I didn’t just jump in and think I could accomplish a half without the proper training unless I wanted to injure myself or worse.

This taught me that goals…take a LONG time! If you are looking for something instant to happen (like Top Ramen goals) then I challenge you to stop and really think if that goal is going to greatly impact you. Goals are not meant to be rushed like a task, goals are there to challenge your determination, remind you of your motivation and celebrate the small steps you’ve made.

 Here are 7 sections in your life where you can start creating your goals:

Spiritual – Attend a Yoga or mediation class each month.

Career – Enroll in Continuing Education courses to take  Illustrator and Photoshop courses.

Family – Go on at least 2 date nights each month. (free events count too!)

Financial – Put away 10% of each paycheck into savings to have at least 10k.

Health – Improve my mile run time to 11-10 minute mile.

Personal Growth – Read one book a month. 6 nonfiction and 6 fiction books this year.

Recreation – Host a cooking night/potluck with friends every other month.

Sounds great right? Goals aren’t always about exercising or eating right. Its about creating fulfilling and meaningful accomplishments for yourself. Also, they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

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In all truth, there will be setbacks and that’s okay. There were times where I didn’t want to run, there were days there I was sick, life happened where I couldn’t train but that didn’t stop my from pushing through and accomplishing my goal. I may have not done my best times but I did them and that’s what counted for me.

What will your 7 sector goals be for the year 2017?

Source of inspiration: http://richardstep.com/self-help/setting-goals-you-can-achieve-through-8-universal-examples/