Being a person in the military, the transition into civilian life after years of service can be a challenging experience.

When you have been doing something for years you grow accustom to it, it become a way of life. To leave what you know behind to learn and adjust to a new system can be challenging, frightening and stressful. Image result for military transition

Why is the transition from military life to entering the civilian (The term civilian means a person not in the armed services or the police force) world difficult?

Adjusting to  smaller changes in life like moving, marriage, having a child, changing a new job, etc. is a challenge in itself but there are also parts in your life that are still stable, or at least stable. In the military world there is a different language and culture. The type of hierarchy and management styles are much different then what civilians are accustomed to. In a way, its like moving to a new country and learning a whole new way of life. That’s barely scratching the surface of what the transition feels like.

In this episode business services representative Maurice Williams, a retired Navy Chief now a Business Services Representative, shares his experiences and struggles making that transition into the civilian world where rank and status no longer mattered as much. He  shares tips for making a successful transition from military service into a civilian career.

Are you transitioning from the military? Here are some helpful resources for you to start planning a successful transition:

  1. One Career Stop Veterans and Military Transition Center
  2.  Military-To-Civilian Transition Support
  3. Transitioning from Service
  4. CA Employment Development Department Veteran Services

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