Human Resources, or also known as HR, is a hard job. We’ve complained and blamed them for not being hired or considered for a job. Don’t lie to yourself, there has been those times where you get the “Thank you but no thank you” email from an HR Representative to a job you really wanted and cussed them out under your breath. I know you have and so have I.

Imagine being on the person on the other side of that table, being the one receiving these hateful messages and having to be the bearer of bad news. Its not a job everybody signs up for and most likely not the best part of being an person in Human Resources. But there is a good side to being in Human Resources, that’s why the position exist!

I got to sit down across fro Grace Fulinara, the Director of HR for Fashion Furniture Rental, and learn more about her role as an HR Director and the assumptions surrounding her job title. She also shares HR secrets on what she looks for when searching for job applicants. She also shares the social media site she uses the most when hunting for potential new hires, and what applicants can do to increase their changes of being found by an employer.

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