dress for success codeHow to dress for an interview or new position is a subjective process. As for anything subjective, good judgment is important. Perceived standards of dress code normalities will vary across culture, company, location, position and line of work. The topic of appropriate workwear is something circumstantial and often undefined outside specific employee handbooks. This raises many doubts and uncertainties when preparing for an interview. One thing is for certain, you only have one chance to make a lasting, and more importantly, positive impression. On average it takes less than one minute for someone to form an opinion of you based on your appearance and body language alone. An interview is a moment to sell yourself with pride; worrying about what you’re wearing should not take a strike at your confidence.

Even the best-fit candidates who have completed research about the role, the company and their relatable background often forget to also consider the company culture in terms of dress code. There are many incognito ways to gain these insights prior to interview day. While dropping off an interview or visiting for an office tour, be observant, and take note of what others are wearing. If visiting the offices is not an option, it may be helpful to wander the lobby and observe the outfits you see in the building or employee parking lot. If you are unable to gain these insights through the physical business location, consider finding images from the company’s social accounts. This will give you a general idea of what others in the company are wearing aside from bland professional head shots.

Building your self confidence is a must. Your appearance will play a big role in how you feel. Looking professional not only affects the person who sees you, but also impacts the way you feel and speak about yourself. During an interview, confidence is your most impactful accessory.

To help decode this dress code battlefield and achieve both interview and workplace success, T.M.Lewin work-wear expert tailors have crafted this handy guide below. T.M.Lewin is an English heritage brand established in London. They are most widely credited for the invention of the button-down shirt, once referred to as a coat-shirt. Since 1898 fashions and styles have changed. One thing that remains synonymous with our working world is the dress-shirt. This classic wardrobe staple has been adapted across both cultures and genders, withstanding the test of time. T.M.Lewin takes much pride in dressing the ever-changing workforces of ages. Today, the T.M.Lewin brand is still most widely recognized for their range of men’s dress shirts; formal or casual. If in need, T.M.Lewin also has an elegant collection of tailored shirts for the women of this modern working world.
Thank you to our guest blogger for this wonderful insight on appropriate interview dress and etiquette.